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Find out just how is the process of your trip to Iran. We have told you from checking our webpage till the day you fly back home.

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Choose from a wide variety of packages and receive the cost estimation with the plan of your trip to Iran by our trained team members.

Just in case you may like, Pars Health Tour can send a Visa request for you and you will have your visa ready just in few days.

From the most known and luxury hotels to cheap ones, you can find different options to choose from. All the booking process will be done by us.

Before traveling to Iran, you’ll have a free online doctor’s visit. After flying to Iran You will receive your treatment while an Interpreter is by your side.

After receiving your medical treatment, you will also have Post-op recuperation to make sure everything is fine and you can fly back home.

After receiving your doctor’s permission for flying, you will have a gift from us as a souvenir and have your flight back to your sweet home.

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