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What is Pars Health Tour?

Pars Health Tour is a group of proficient in the field of medical and tourism services that can provide you all needed packages. You can find our offered packages are in main four categories: Medical, wellness and beauty, Curative and Ecotourism.

Just in case you may need any more information, contact us via E-mail or fill the form in Contact Us section. We will reach you as soon as possible.

What are medical Packages offered by Pars Health Tour?

Our main medical packages are:

  • Breast augmentation
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Dental Implant
  • Hollywood Smile
  • Hair Transplant
  • Gastric Sleeve
  • Gastric Bypass
  • Ear-Surgery
  • Full check up
  • Knee Replacement

For more information regarding details and the price of packages you can check here

What should I do if the treatment I’m looking for is not mentioned in your platform?

If the treatment you are looking for is not undertaken at our platform, we are here to guide you for selection of the best possible options according to your requirement and medical condition. You can fill out our contact form and we will make sure to contact you as soon as possible. After here all you may need in your medical package, Pars Health tour will find you the best doctors and surgeons and you requested package will be available in a week.

How clinics and hospitals offered by Pars Health Tour are selected?

Pars Health Tour thrive on providing affordable and excellent medical services. In this way, Clinics and hospitals offered by us must have IPD Standard.

A strategy which has been designated for medical tourism in Iran is establishing and opening of International Patients Department (IPD) in hospital which has been accepted as an appropriate strategy at international level. In addition, Medical Tourism Bureau in Ministry of Health has required providers of medical services to establish a department for reception of foreign patients (IPD) in their medical center if they are to receive foreign patients since the beginning of 2014.

(IPD) is a unit in hospital that is tasked with creating necessary coordination to present all services to foreign patients and patients with special services. In fact, it is the hospital communication counter to foreign patients start from the first contact through receiving treatment process and returning to their homeland and receiving post-operational care.

General objectives for establishment of International Patients Department (IPD)

1- Supervision over giving high- quality and satisfactory services
2- Monitoring on giving services as early as possible with thorough observance of Medical Ethics and use of modern technology

Special goals of establishment of International Patients Department (IPD) 

1- Improvement of qualitative level of medical and nursing services
2- Shorter waiting period for medical services
3- Reduced waiting time for para clinical services
4- Increase of satisfaction of physicians, personnel, and patients

Statement of duties of International Patients Department (IPD) 
1- Responsiveness to patient through phone call, email, or through holding of conference with presence of therapist physician
2- Coordination with facilitator company
3- Coordination with reception ward for hospitalization of patient
4- Coordination with discharge ward to execute estimation of approximate cost for patient and notify it to the patient before trip
5- Coordination with IPD physician for initial visit and designation of receptionist physician
6- Coordination with Respect Ward about the way of welcoming of patient and his/her attendants in the hospital
7- Coordination with facilitator group for providing support and giving non-medical services outside hospital to patient and his/ her attendants including welcome services, airport sendoff, hotel, interpreter, and other welfare and touristic requirements

What preparation is needed before I have my medical treatment travel?

There is nothing to be worried about. We are always right by your side to help you. But, as a brief, the procedure is as bellow.

  1. Selection of your package including the treatment and the city you would like to have your treatment there.

  1. Selection of medical center, clinic or doctor. We let you know the educational, back-ground, work experience, patient’s testimonials and success ratio of the concerned surgeon through clicking our doctors. 

  1. Consult with our experts to set your Online doctor’s visit and checking all needed medical documents.

  • Make sure you have a signed and valid passport and the required visa. It is better to have some copies of passport identification page that will be of great help if the passport is lost or stolen.
  • Keep the scanned or photo copies of passport, passport photos, medical records, and paper tickets with the list of important phone numbers in email accounts.
  • Do not forget to carry complete medical reports/doctors notes, as well as copy of all drug prescriptions

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